1.Job Portals

ENS Consultants Provides job portal development solutions that include development, Customization, implementation Consulting & integration Services. Module break up for the Job portal


     1. Admin Management
     2. User
     3. Job category
     4. Jobs
     5. Advertisements
     6. Applications
     7. Company
            • Content management section to handle static page info



    • Registration
    • Upload CV
    • Search for job
    • Search for company/ employer
    • Applies for job
    • Email alerts on matching job


    • Registration
    • Post jobs
    • Post ads
    • Search for CVs
    • Search for employees
    • Email alerts on application
    • Email – initial Selection

ENS JOB portal presents the employers with options to post online questionnaires and latest news to the employees. The portal has the tips to build admirable resume and information on do’s and don’ts for the interview. The portal supports the employer from listing of jobs to selecting an ideal candidate. Easy data collection and storage feature of the portal helps in finishing the tasks comfortably and quickly. The employers can get quick returns for their investment as the portal incorporates a simple and quick recruitment method.

2. Vehicle Portals

Now featuring possibility for the car dealers to create their own websites with their listings, design and information on them, for the administrator to manage the vehicle types (cars, motorcycles, trucks etc.) and add additional ones, as well as to add new fields for them, new system for charging the users, featured ads, banners, video support, car dealers sub accounts, newsletter for the users and many others. It comes with the full PHP sources - not encrypted, so it's possible to make modifications in them or add additional features. The product comes with a powerful back end application for the administrators, allowing them not only to manage the car portal settings, the dealers etc. but also providing them full control over the website, its structure and content, statistics, search engines functionality and many others. It is multi language .

3. Real Estate portals

With the development of private property ownership, real estate has become a major area of business. Purchasing real estate requires a significant investment, and each parcel of land has unique characteristics, so the real estate industry has evolved into several distinct fields. Managing everything manually makes things difficult. Our Real Estate web package includes competence, customized to position the business requirements of any real estate investors, realtor, agent or broker.

    • Sell property form
    • Buy property form
    • Search form with 5 fields
    • Enquiry form
    • Each category List page
    • User registration
    • Login
    • Forgot password
    • Register as premium or free
    • Breadcrumb menus
    • CMS Sub page - dynamic creation
     1. Registration form
     2. Payment interface
     3. Email functionality
     4. Account activation through email
     5. Recover password through email
     1. To buy, email confirmation, expiry date
     2. To sell
      • Image uploads
      • Registration and payment
      • Email confirmation
      • Generate Id
      • Premium account expiry
     3. Property enquiry form
     4. Tell a friend

     1. Based on district, category, location or keyword
     2. Links based on districts
Property Listing
     1. Categorized listing
     2. Hot / immediate listing
     3. Date wise
     4. Location details and map (optional)
Admin – login controlled
     1. User management – Add, Edit, List, Delete, Search, Activation
     2. Property management – Add, Edit, List, Delete, Search, Activation
     3. Payment history - Search, List
     4. CMS management – Add, Edit, List, Delete
     5. Admin details management - Add, Edit List, Delete, and Activation
     6. All field validation
     7. Manage accounts – Set expiry


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