Coaching & Training

Coaching and Training IT based training


ENS Consultants is concerned with providing different kinds of IT based training to professionals working in various enterprises in order to maximize their performance and productivity. The world of IT is an ever-changing one and your employees have to update their skills and competencies constantly in order to keep up with changing demands and meet new challenges. We ensure that for you with the help of our .Live Project and technology training which encompass all the leading technologies such as PHP, .NET, Java, Android, C, C++, J2ee etc. We have a team of professional trainers who have unmatched experience in IT teaching and are capable of equipping your employees with the required skill that can bridge the gap between demand and supply effortlessly.

Professional Development and Leadership training

We firmly believe that the success of an organization is highly dependent on the skills, aptitude and attitude of its employees. Since these are areas that can be worked upon, we provide Professional Development & Leadership training for working professionals to improve their personality and make them more competent in their area of expertise. We make use of a lot of useful tools such as case studies, quizzes, discussions and exercises to make our teaching process more interesting and interactive. We teach professionals how to make the transition from a manager to a leader smoothly. In short, our programs enable your employees to enhance their skills and attitude to work which ultimately reflect in your sale figures and profit margins


Safety and Accident Prevention training


Our coaching services also include Safety and Accident Prevention training which are must for all your employees since accidents are quite common in big enterprises as well as medium-sized businesses. We teach you tried-and-tested methods of safeguarding yourself in case a crisis situation emerges in an organization. Along with that, we also provide expert guidance and advice on how to ward off accidents and maintain a safe atmosphere at the workplace. Thus, our training services that are spearheaded by the HR division take into account all your training needs and accordingly provide expert assistance and support

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